Imaginary Weapons
Crimes alleged by Sharon Weinberger

In the index of Imaginary Weapons, Sharon Weinberger lists the topic:

Collins, Carl

     theft of data, 48-49.

Theft is a crime.  Untrue defamation of a person is a slander, unless that person is a "public figure."  An irresponsible writer can accuse a politician or a Hollywood type of anything, because they are public persons.  However, a mean-spirited writer cannot label an individual as an "obscure Texas scientist," at one minute and then the next minute abuse and slander him freely because she thought he was a public figure.  

Think about it.

So full of errors as to qualify as fiction, in Imaginary Weapons, Sharon Weinberger writes her fantasy of how it must have happened.  Unfortunately for her, the history of isomer triggering at: Isomer Triggering History has been publicly visible since 2003.  Moreover, Ms. Weinberger was informed of the existence of this site in 2003.  

As can be seen on the site, (slides 10 and 11) the experiment was designed (in a US-Russian Partnership) and was reviewed at the 1995 NATO ARW workshop by Collins, Carroll, Oganessian (General Director, Flerov Lab., JINR Dubna), and Karamian (Senior scientist, same place.)

In 1996, in an act of genteel courtesy, Chantal Briançon, highly respected and having in her laboratory the most pure sample of the 31 yr isomer of Hf-178 ever made, invited those four principals to jointly conduct the experiment with her (really) "Brightest and Best" Team.  Unable to finance and carry his part of the load, Carroll dropped out and was replaced by Ur.  As customary in such international collaborations each group kept the part of the results stored in their own instruments.

With such surprising results it proved too difficult to obtain "clearances" from all controlling agencies for publication.  However, NATO had paid for the planning during the workshop, AFOSR paid for some of the travel, and naturally both were entitled to copies of the parts owned by US participants.  The "hyping" of the results to Pentagon officials existed only in the fantasies of Sharon Weinberger.

Chantal continued her work on the topic in other collaborations based in the EU. Leuven

Any theft? - NO.   Any willful slander? - LOOKS TO BE SO.